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Sober for over a decade, Darren is a public recovery advocate who has been invited to the White House for the Opiate Epidemic Summit and has raised funds and awareness for Turning Point Rehab in Patterson, NJ.  Prince is also a representative of Banyan Treatment Centers. He speaks to high school students about avoiding the pitfalls of addiction.

Darren is the CEO and founder of Prince Marketing Group. Founded in 1994, Prince Marketing Group has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most efficient sports and entertainment-marketing firms in the industry. PMG has developed the trust of some of the most respected and recognizable names in sports, music, and entertainment.

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About Aiming High

When Darren Prince was 14, he started what would become a multi-million dollar baseball card company. By the time he was 25, he was doing deals with Magic Johnson, Pam Anderson, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Chevy Chase, and Muhammad Ali. A few years later, he launched his own marketing company, representing the biggest names in the world, while at the same time nearly dying from drug addiction.

After a drug overdose, many demoralizing nights, and mornings where he couldn’t get out of bed without a prescription in hand, Darren hit bottom. That’s when he discovered that all he needed in life were the Four A’s: Action, Accountability, Acceptance, and Attitude Adjustment. A poster boy for the opioid epidemic, Darren tells a life-in-the-fast-lane tale about how our outside accomplishments can hide our internal struggles. A thrilling ride into the upper echelons of celebrity as well as an electric examination of a man hitting rock bottom, Aiming High proves that it’s never too late to find a new way of life. With foreword by NBA Superstar, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, it’s captivating from the very first line.

Released on October 2nd, Aiming High quickly rose on the Amazon Best Sellers chart to #1 both National and International in new releases.

Praise for Aiming High

For 17 years, Darren has worked 24/7 as my sports agent. I’ve seen him at his worst and now at his best. Aiming High is all about the journey he took to get there, and how today he is living a spiritual life one day at a time. Ten years ago, he asked for the blessing and now he’s become one.

Hulk Hogan

World Wrestling Entertainment Twelve-Time Champion

An amazing story of inspiration and courage from a man who has constantly put his clients before himself. Darren has always been my go-to deal-maker for talent and celebrities. This book reflects not only his overcoming of immense hardship but Darren’s ability to always get the job done.

Kevin Harrington

The Original Shark from Shark Tank and Pioneer of the “As Seen On TV” Industry

As a retired athlete, I am afforded a new life as a personality. I keep myself relevant with the help of Darren. His name is associated with success. I am also honored to call him my friend and proud to see how he dealt with his own adversity.

Ric Flair

Sixteen-Time Wrestling Champion, Two-Time World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer

I am often asked how it’s possible to keep your soul intact in a business known for being heartless. Darren Prince is the example I point to as he always takes the holistic view for both sides of a negotiation. I admire his passion for his clients and the standard he has brought to our industry. Darren’s personal struggles should also help inspire others.

Jeanie Buss

Co-Owner, Los Angeles Lakers

What I have always respected about Darren is his commitment to his clients after their pro career ended and they were out of the limelight. but this book shows the man he has become today. And it should help to inspire others.

Mark Cuban


Aiming High is an amazing story of struggle, acceptance, and embracing the power of recovery.

Chris Herren

Former Professional Basketball Player and Wellness Advocate

I’ve known Darren for over 25 years. He’s brought some of the biggest celebrities in the world to my events. But what I respect the most about Darren is his personal journey in sobriety, how he gives back to those in need of help. That is truly something special.

Jason Binn


Darren and I have been in the trenches together for over 22 years, a rarity in this business. But he’s not only my agent – he’s family. Aiming High tells the story of Darren’s career, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about his sober journey and how he has gone on to help others.

Dennis Rodman

Five-Time NBA Champion and Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee


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